8 weeks out…

This is it. I’m eight weeks out from my first bikini competition, I live on a rock in the middle of the North Sea with no access to coaches or decent gyms. I’m alone, but I’m strong…

I started prepping for bikini at the start of the new year- a cliche I know. I live in Shetland, Britains most northerly islands, and until a week ago my gym didn’t even have free weights above 40kg dumbells. Even so I am seven lbs out from my intended stage weight and, through sheer volume and effort, managed to build a good base of muscle.

This blog is going to be my story, my meals, my prep and my exercise. It’s going to be honest and it’s going to be ugly!!

At 8 weeks out my macros are creeping down. Currently I’m hitting 155g protein/ 110g carbs and / 35g fat. I’m hitting the gym five times a week with two active rest days. I do 15 mins cardio 5x a week plus at least an hour of dog walking a day- I have a 42kg monster dog that needs a good run. I weigh in at 136lbs at 5ft8 and falling.

I can do this.

SelkieFit xxx




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